Get more out of your canola.

Having more seed treatment options on more hybrids means you can focus on choosing the right hybrid for your farm.

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Peace of mind is priceless. You can count on Prosper Evergol to shield your canola crop from some of the most destructive diseases and insects, so it can start the season of with a strong establishment.

Prosper EverGol seed treatment protects your canola seed with three distinct fungicidal active ingredients (metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin and penflufen), plus a highly efficient insecticide that controls flea beetles. Penflufen specifically offers excellent protection against rhizoctonia, the number one disease that affects canola crop establishment. Prosper EverGol was developed to protect your seed from seed and soil-borne disease during the crucial early development period of your canola crop. 

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NEW JumpStart® XL Liquid Inoculant

For a canola crop you can be proud of, order your seed pre-treated with JumpStart® XL liquid inoculant. JumpStart XL is shown to promote early vigour, greater stress tolerance, earlier and more even maturity and higher yield potential by increasing the availability of phosphate to the plant.

How it Works

Freeing Phosphate: Penicillium bilaiae releases bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate, making it more readily available for the plant to use.

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Additional Seed Treatment Options:

Get "advanced" flea beetle control with Fortenza Advanced!

Fortenza® Advanced canola seed treatment is now available from Syngenta for advanced control of striped and crucifer flea beetles, as well as cutworms. It combines two proven insecticides – sulfoxaflor (Group 4A) and cyantraniliprole (Group 28) – in one simple solution to protect canola from these devastating early-season insects.

Choosing canola seed treated with Fortenza Advanced provides industry-leading flea beetle protection, and can help reduce the likelihood growers will have to spray a foliar insecticide early in the season.

Fortenza Advanced will always be paired with a base seed treatment like Prosper® EverGol®.

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For canola that truly thrives. Helix® Vibrance™ seed treatment helps canola unleash its full potential. Helix Vibrance protects canola’s genetic potential, producing more vigorous emergence and healthier root systems. The result: enhanced crop establishment and higher yields.


Always read and follow label directions. Fortenza Advanced is an on-seed application of Fortenza Seed Treatment insecticide and Rascendo® Seed Treatment insecticide. Fortenza®, Helix®, Vibrance®, and the Syngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. © 2019 Syngenta.

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