From the innovators at Bayer who have brought you game changing technology in the past, comes the next generation of seed technology.

DEKALB TruFlex Canola with Roundup Ready technology enables more flexible spray timing and enhanced weed control.

14 more days
When Mother Nature decides to crank up the winds - or rain for days, be confident that you have more time to spray that last quarter section of DEKALB TruFlex Canola… because you have the wider application window, with up to as many as 14 more days, without sacrificing yield potential.
Along with true flexibility in spray rates and timing, DEKALB TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready Technology also controls 51 weed species, 24 more than the Roundup Ready® canola system.
51 weed species

DEKALB TruFlex canola products


DKTF 96 SC – A DEKALB Truflex canola hybrid bred for straight cutting with improved pod integrity offering high yield potential and multi-genic blackleg resistance.

DKTF 98 CR – The latest high performing multi-genetic clubroot resistant hybrid from DEKALB. Offering very good standability, with clubroot multi-genetic resistance to pathotypes 2,3,5,5X,6,8 and moderate resistance to 2B pathotype.
DKTFLL 21 SC – The first DEKALB TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready® and LibertyLink® Technologies. Offering improved pod integrity for straight cutting, flexibility in spray timing and rates, with very good standabilty and high yield potential. Complete with multi-genic blackleg resistance.

More days to spray and more weeds controlled with NEW DEKALB TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology.

Next generation Seed Technology is here! See your DEKALB seed retailer today.