2016 Yield Challenge Winners

DEKALB® growers in Canada win big in DEKALB Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge

Despite challenging environmental conditions in 2016, there were still yield records to be set. We are pleased to announce the 15 Eastern Canadian farm winners in the 2016 DEKALB Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge:


Dennis Rivest, Woodslee, ON, averaged 275.4 bu/ac with DKC54-11RIB
Trevor Townsend, Tavistock, ON, averaged 273.3 bu/ac with DKC52-84RIB
Warren Shelton, Ingersol, ON, averaged 274.4 bu/ac with DKC50-78RIB
Corey Yake, Stouffville, ON, averaged 281.4 bu/ac with DKC50-78RIB
Schouten Dairy Farms, Richmond, ON, averaged 246.4 bu/ac with DKC46-82RIB
Daniel Senay, St-Cesaire, QC, averaged 262.8 bu/ac with DKC48-56 RIB
Alain Lamothe, St-Wenceslas, QC, averaged 238.1 bu/ac with DKC38-03RIB
Grant Doyle, Auburn, PEI, averaged 196.0 bu/ac with DKC30-07RIB


Robert Rivest, Ruscom, ON, averaged 89.8 bu/ac with 32-62RY
John Kroesbergen, Burgessville ON, averaged 74.6 bu/ac with 29-62RY
Raube Beuerman, Dublin, ON, averaged 72.2 bu/ac with 28-60RY
John Nahuis, Elmvale, ON averaged 76.2 bu/ac with 27-62RY
Yves Delforge, Coteau du Lac, QC, averaged 82.0 bu/ac with 28-15RY
Luc Dumaine, St-Hugues, QC, averaged 84.8 bu/ac with 29-62RY
Jeremy Stead, Hunter River, PEI, averaged 57.2 bu/ac with 25-11RY

The Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge is a contest open to growers of DEKALB brand corn and soybeans. In Eastern Canada, one corn winner and one soybean winner were selected from each of the 8 specific geographic contest zones. Winners had the highest corn or soybean yields in their respective region. The 15 winning growers will receive a prize of a $2,000 travel voucher.

“We're very excited to recognize the exceptional efforts of these growers from across Eastern Canada,” said Derek Freitag, DEKALB Eastern Canada Regional Agronomy Lead. “The crop year of 2016 wasn't easy with many challenges that ranged across geographies.  Corn and soybean growers in Canada continue to push the limits adopting new technologies and agronomic practices as they become available, the results can easily be seen in years as tough as 2016. We're proud to work alongside these growers and be a part in the success of these winners and their farms.”

For more information about the DEKALB Seed for Yourself Yield Challenge, farmers can speak to a DEKALB representative in their area by calling 1-84-GO-DEKALB today.

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